USDA Extends Deadline to Report Spring-Seeded Crops for Twelve States

An update today from USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) stated that, “The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is extending the deadline for agricultural producers in states impacted by flooding and heavy moisture. The new July 22 deadline applies to producers in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, Tennessee and Wisconsin for reporting spring-seeded crops to [FSA] county offices and crop insurance agents.

“‘These are challenging times for farmers, and we are here to help,’ said Bill Northey, USDA Under Secretary for Farm Production and Conservation. ‘This deadline extension is part of our broader effort to increase program flexibility and reduce overall regulatory burden for producers who are having to make some tough choices for their operations.’

“Producers not in the selected states must file reports or be added to a county register by the original July 15 deadline.”

The update added that, “Filing a timely crop acreage report is important for maintaining eligibility for USDA conservation, disaster assistance, safety net, crop insurance and farm loan programs. A crop acreage report documents all crops and their intended uses and is an important part of record-keeping for your farm or ranch.

“Producers filing reports with FSA county offices are encouraged to set up an appointment before visiting the office. Acreage reports from producers in the affected states who set up appointments before the July 22 deadline are considered timely filed, even if the appointment occurs after the deadline.¬†Likewise, reports from producers in non-affected states who set up appointments before July 15 will be considered timely filed.

“‘We encourage you to contact your FSA county office today to set up an appointment,’ Northey said. ‘Our team is standing by to help you complete this important process that keeps you eligible for key USDA programs.'”

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