Structuring the business side of technology.

“We help technology businesses take care of the legal requirements necessary to form and run a business. Our financial and legal insights can help you leverage resources that can help your business grow quickly and have the capital for quick expansion when needed.”

Jason Bartell

Technology_companiesTechnology companies need to have the confidence that their legal entity is structured appropriately for quick, agile growth. Bartell Powell offers the strength of its experience in areas that include structuring startups, protecting intellectual property, creating strategic relationships and other areas critical to technology businesses.

We help technology business owners make sure all components of business ownership are covered. For example, we help make sure that ownership of all parts, usages and technologies are assigned at the time the business is incorporated.

Insights like these help prevent the stresses and legal challenges that can occur in protecting ownership claims. It can also prevent conflicting claims of ownership if the business is ever sold.

We also guide your business through the process of trademark law. We’ll listen to your thoughts and goals and help you put together a plan that can help you grow, expand, protect and when the time comes, divest and sell.

Legal services that help build and protect agile, tech businesses

  • Attracting and structuring venture capital investments for start ups
  • Incentivizing programmers and other employees by the use of stock options
  • Structuring stock placements
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Intellectual property ownership and transfers
  • Legal counsel for software companies, online businesses, e-commerce sites and energy companies