Startup Business

Start your business efficiently, economically and without legal worries.

“A start up needs someone who can provide well-rounded advice on what to focus on and what to forget about. There are so many different needs and so many things that take time and attention. The important thing is where to best devote energy and where to spend your attention where it’s not going to cause you problems later on.”

Jason Bartell

startup_tableFrom venture capital expertise to mergers, stock options and divestitures, Bartell Powell has you covered. The very founding of our firm was based on an intense interest and knowledge in business law.

Along with his law degree, attorney and founder, Jason Bartell also has an educational background in accounting, business administration, and agricultural economics. This, in addition to serving on the leadership team for various startup businesses, gives you the advantage of counsel that understands not only the law, but also how it can be used to best serve your business.

For startups, in particular, our proven experience in areas such as venture capital and private equity financing, angel investor financing, the structuring of strategic partnerships, and the development of stock option plans.

Legal services for startup businesses

  • Entity formation and maintenance
  • Venture Capital financing
  • Private equity financing
  • Angel investor financing
  • Crowdfunding
  • Contract drafting and strategic partnership creation
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Franchise counseling
  • Trademark registration and licensing