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A Look at the Stress of Startup Success

Wall Street Journal writers Shalini Ramachandran and Rolfe Winkler reported recently that, “This year is set to be a huge one for startup IPOs. Going public is a cinematic moment for founders, CEOs and early employees, one that can turn years of hard work into immense wealth. But off-camera, the startup world has a dark… Continue Reading

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Venture Capital Investments Into Vietnam Are Growing

John Reed, James Kynge and Mercedes Ruehl reported yesterday at The Financial Times Online that, “Vietnamese companies in sectors ranging from trucking to fintech and facial recognition are attracting a record wave of venture capital money, drawn in by the digital transformation and growing wealth of one of Asia’s youngest and fastest growing economies. “The… Continue Reading

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UK Venture Capital Industry: Share of Woman in Senior Roles Unchanged Since 2017

Martin Coulter reported last Thursday at The Financial Times Online that, “A study of the UK’s venture capital industry has found that the share of women in top jobs remains stuck at just 13 per cent. “The report, published today by Diversity VC, a non-profit based in London, suggests that while the overall number of… Continue Reading

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Startups Move to Grab Electric Scooter-Sharing Market in Asia

Wall Street Journal writer Jake Maxwell Watts reported last week that, “Dozens of young companies burned through billions of dollars vying to dominate ride-hailing and bike-sharing in Asian megacities from Beijing to Jakarta. The race to transform urban transport is still on and now a fresh pileup looms—over electric scooters. “The scooter-sharing industry is growing… Continue Reading

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New Graduate: Set up my Start-up or Work for Somebody Else?

Earlier this month, Jonathan Black indicated in a column in The Financial Times that, “Students are being increasingly encouraged by universities and government to consider starting up their own business as a serious and viable career option. Incubators, accelerators and innovation centres are springing up in campuses, cities and science parks to support entrepreneurs and… Continue Reading

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Twitter Former CFO Joins Farming Startup Plenty

Selina Wang reported recently at Bloomberg that, “Twitter Inc.’s former chief financial officer has joined Plenty Inc. in that role as the indoor farming startup prepares for international expansion and improvements to its vertical growing technology. “Mike Gupta helped take Twitter public in 2013 and left for Docker Inc. two years later. Earlier, Gupta was… Continue Reading

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Some Real-Estate Startups Are Adjusting Their Business Models

Wall Street Journal writers Konrad Putzier and Eliot Brown reported last week that, “Five months after the co-working firm Bond Collective signed a 42,000-square-foot lease in a Brooklyn office building, the property’s owners flipped it for a hefty profit. “‘Hey, we can essentially do the same thing,’ Bond Collective founder Shlomo Silber recalled thinking after… Continue Reading

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Nebraska Lawmakers Seek to Expand Startup Program in the State

Paul Hammel reported yesterday at the Omaha World-Herald Online that, “Evan Luxon says his small but growing startup company would still be in San Francisco rather than Omaha but for an innovative eight-year-old state program that helps entrepreneurs. “The Nebraska Business Innovation Act, Luxon said, helped persuade him that he could relocate to his hometown… Continue Reading

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Food Start-Ups Focusing on Protein Sources

Earlier this week, Financial Times writer Nikou Asgari reported that, “Entrepreneurs and investors are increasingly focusing on algae as an alternative protein source to help feed a global population that the UN forecasts will rise from 7.7bn today to 9.7bn by 2050. “In the EU, the algae biomass sector is valued at €1.69bn and employs… Continue Reading

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Government Shutdown Showcased “Alternative Data” Platforms by Ag Startups

Financial Times writers Gregory Meyer and Emiko Terazono reported last week that, “The longest government shutdown in US history was a marketing bonanza for the ‘alternative data‘ industry, and nowhere more than in agricultural markets. “The closure of about a month, which lasted until late January, halted a stream of important reports from the US… Continue Reading

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