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Where our founding principle has always been: Law + Business


“We developed our firm as a vehicle to serve others.  With the goal of serving the business community, we are motivated by adding value to organizations that have passionate owners and employees.”

Jason Bartell

Learning the business side of law

After starting his career on Capitol Hill, Bartell Powell founder, Jason Bartell, realized another personal dream: becoming Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at a start up company. According to Bartell, “That’s where I fell in love with the process of working with prospective investors and venture capitalists and the processes that bring businesses together.”

Bartell explains, “I’ve sat in the boardrooms where the financials have been discussed. I’ve sat in on the venture capital pitches. I have been involved in boardroom decision making. A lot of my clients are actually referred to us by their accountants. First, because I’m able to talk the language of a CPA. Second, the contracts that your lawyer writes make a big impact on financial statements. And financial statements are how you’re able to get funding.”

Bartell moved back to Champaign County in 2005 to start his law practice in the town where he grew up. The practice gained additional experience serving the energetic technology start ups generated by the University of Illinois and “Silicon Prairie” research The Illinois corn belt’s expanding interest in energy contributes another valuable perspective to the firm’s expertise in technology start ups.

A law practice centered on business law and commercial litigation.

Joining together with attorney, Michael Powell, to establish an office focused on commercial and civil litigation in Bloomington, Illinois, brought together two strong skill sets and established the partnership of Bartell Powell.

Bartell states, “We made a conscious decision when we started our firm to center our focus on business law and commercial litigation. That’s what we do best and where we offer the strongest benefits to our clients. With the attorney firm of Bartell Powell, your company will not only have access to the legal services it needs, but also the financial and business acumen that can help you move to the next level.”

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