UK Venture Capital Industry: Share of Woman in Senior Roles Unchanged Since 2017

Martin Coulter reported last Thursday at The Financial Times Online that, “A study of the UK’s venture capital industry has found that the share of women in top jobs remains stuck at just 13 per cent.

“The report, published today by Diversity VC, a non-profit based in London, suggests that while the overall number of women in venture capital has grown slightly, new entrants are struggling to rise up the ranks.

“The number of women in senior roles was recorded as 13 per cent this year, the same figure as 2017. The overall number of women in the industry grew modestly, from 18 to 20 per cent.”

The FT article added that, “Women at junior level were found to be disproportionately educated compared with their male peers. Of those surveyed, 8 per cent of junior female employees held a PhD or similar, compared with just 1 per cent of men.”

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