University of Illinois– The Dicamba Dilemma in Illinois: Facts and Speculations

A publication this week from the University of Illinois (“The Dicamba Dilemma in Illinois: Facts and Speculations“) stated that, “Only a short time ago, many agricultural professionals were optimistic Illinois would somehow be ‘spared’ the incidents of off-target damage caused by dicamba that continue to plague several states to our south.  The recent preponderance of evidence (observations made traveling the state, stories on social media, an increasing number of pesticide misuse complaints filed with the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA), etc.), suggests otherwise.  Instances of soybean demonstrating symptoms of exposure to dicamba have greatly increased over the past two weeks and it’s nearly certain the number of affected acres will continue to rise.  To estimate the extent of this using the number of complaints filed with the IDOA as the sole metric would be to grossly underestimate the current reality.”

The U of I article, which was written by Aaron Hager, provides information on

Symptoms of Exposure

-Possible Routes of Exposure

Leaf Distortions

Effects on Soybean Yields; and,

Industry Comments

To read the complete article, just click here.

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