Americans Buying More Organic Products Than Ever, Survey Shows

Kristen Leigh Painter reported on the front page of the business section in today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune that, “Americans are buying more organic food and household products than ever, according to a new survey.

“The research — released Wednesday by the Organic Trade Association, the nation’s leading organic industry group — offers a glimpse into how the market is developing and where there is the greatest demand for organic products.

Sales of organic food and goods crested at $47 billion in 2016, an increase of more than 8 percent over the previous year.”

Graph from The Minneapolis Star Tribune.

The article noted that, “And while there are a growing number of organic personal care and household products on the market, food still accounts for the vast majority of all organic sales, with $43 billion last year. Organic food now boasts more than 5 percent of the nation’s total food sales.”

Ms. Painter added that, “Fresh fruits and vegetables are most consumers’ gateway purchase into organic. It is easier to understand the potential benefits of buying raw produce that was grown using organic methods than it is to grasp how organic standards translate into a processed or packaged food, or especially household products.

Meat and poultry is another segment showing strong consumer demand for organic. Sales of organic meat and poultry grew more than 17 percent to $991 million last year, marking the category’s biggest yearly gain.”
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