Extension Update: A Guide on Planning the Transition to Organic

Richard Little indicated a University of Nebraska Extension update from last week that, “Nebraska farmers considering a transition to organic production will gain a broad overview of the planning needed to be successful in this new NebGuide, Planning the Transition to Organic Crop Production (G2282).


“Organic weed management practices using ridge cultivation.” (Photo from University of Nebraska Extension).

The NebGuide identifies issues and outlines a path for farmers and their consultants to start the transition to organic certification. It provides Nebraska-specific guidance and on-line resources for:

* preparing to meet organic certification requirements;
assessing farm resources;

* choosing a transition strategy;

* integrating a market-based strategy;

* developing a business plan and record keeping system; and

* developing a farm management approach for weed and soil fertility management, crop rotation, and integration of livestock.

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