Start-up Developing Calorie Sensing Smartphone

A recent article at the Food Navigator (Asia) Online reported that, “The world’s first material-sensing smartphone, which could potentially tell you how many calories you’re about to eat, will launch in China later this year, its manufacturer has said.

“The Changhong H2, featuring components made by a Consumer Physics, boasts a tiny near-infrared spectrometer that can analyse the pattern of light it reflects to determine the composition of an object.”

The article added that, “‘The smartphone can be used to detect materials and analyse their makeup instantly,’ said Dror Sharon, chief executive of the Israeli molecular sensor manufacturer.

“He said that consumers will be able to use it to analyse body metrics and the properties of foods and liquids, effectively giving them new ways to ‘select the best fruits and vegetables, stick to their diets and nutritional needs and verify product authenticity in ways never before thought possible.'”

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