Most Promising Startups Using Artificial Intelligence are U.S.-Based Companies

Bloomberg writer Susan Decker reported yesterday that, “The most promising startups using artificial intelligence are U.S.-based companies working in the fields of health care, retail and transportation, according to a study that looked at budding AI companies around the world.

“Of the top 100 startups in AI, 65% were based in the U.S., though some of those had dual headquarters in China or elsewhere, according to the analysis by CB Insights, a tech research group that analyzed data on close to 5,000 startups around the world.”

The Bloomberg article added that, “More than 4,300 startups in 80 countries have raised $83 billion since 2014, including $26.6 billion just last year, according to CB Insights. While the dollar figures for investment have grown rapidly, the share of U.S.-based investments dropped in that period to 39% from 71%.”

“Top ranked firms in the CB Insights ranking included several unicorns, or startups whose private valuations reached $1 billion or more. These include the following: Butterfly Network, which is building an ultrasound device that uses AI-assisted diagnostics; Faire Wholesale Inc., which helps local retailers determine what goods are predicted to sell best in specific locations, and DataRobot, whose tools help companies develop their own AI applications,” the Bloomberg article said.

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