U.S. Hops Output Rose 5% This Year, Amid Craft Beer Craze

Bloomberg writer Agnieszka de Sousa reported today that, “IPA lovers can raise a toast to news that there are more U.S. hops to quench the thirst of the booming craft-beer scene.

“Growers in the world’s top producer just reaped another record crop, with output rising 5% to 112 million pounds (51,000 tons) this year, according to the annual National Hop Report. In just two decades, harvests in the three producing states of Washington, Idaho and Oregon almost doubled thanks to the growing popularity of the beverage.”

“Record U.S. Hop Harvest Signals a Coming World IPA Bounty,” by Agnieszka de Sousa. Bloomberg News (December 19, 2019).

The Bloomberg article added that, “The number of craft breweries, microbreweries and brewpubs has more than quadrupled in a decade to account for a quarter of total U.S. beer sales, according to the Brewers Association. The lobby group estimates that about 25 million barrels of craft beer are produced every year in the U.S.”

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