Senator Fischer Introduces Real MEAT Act to End Deceptive Labeling of Imitation Meat Products

A news release on Wednesday from U.S. Senator Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) stated that, “[Sen. Fischer], a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, today introduced the Real MEAT Act to end deceptive labeling practices for alternative protein products. The bill would clarify the definition of beef for labeling purposes, eliminate consumer confusion resulting from misbranding, and ensure that the federal government is able to enforce the law.

“‘Beef is derived from cattle—period. Under USDA, beef undergoes a rigorous inspection and labeling process, but plant-based protein products that mimic beef and are sometimes labeled as beef are overseen by the FDA instead. These products are not held to the same food safety and labeling standards as beef. Americans deserve to know what’s on their dinner plate. The Real MEAT Act will protect consumers from deceptive marketing practices and bring transparency to the grocery store,’ said Senator Fischer.”

The update noted that, “The [National Cattlemen’s Beef Association] found in a study that 55% of consumers did not understand that ‘plant-based beef’ wasn’t beef at all, but instead an entirely vegan or vegetarian product. This bill would help to clear the confusion by codifying a definition of beef for labeling purposes and allowing the USDA to take action against misbranded products.”

“Click here to read the full text of the Real MEAT Act. To read Senator Fischer’s op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, click here.”

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