Bayer Postpones Next Two Glyphosate Lawsuits, as Settlement Talks Proceed

Reuters News reported last week that, “Germany’s Bayer has agreed with plaintiffs to postpone its next two U.S. lawsuits over the alleged cancer-causing effects of its glyphosate-based weed killers to allow more time for talks on a settlement.

“The company, which is facing 42,700 U.S. plaintiffs, is widely expected to eventually buy itself out of the litigation, with analysts currently estimating the size of a future settlement at $8-$12 billion.

“Bayer agreed with the plaintiff to delay for about six months a case in the California Superior Court for Lake County scheduled for Jan. 15, a company spokesman said in a written statement.”

The Reuters article stated that, “A second case due to begin on Jan. 21 in the California Superior Court for Alameda County would also be postponed until a date yet to be determined.

“Bayer said the postponements would provide more time for it and representatives of the plaintiffs to ‘engage constructively in the mediation process.'”

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