Roundup Verdicts Trimmed

Wall Street Journal writer Sara Randazzo reported yesterday that, “Bayer AG succeeded in getting a third large trial verdict substantially reduced in litigation over the safety of its signature weedkiller, Roundup.

“A California state court judge in Alameda County on Thursday trimmed a more than $2 billion award to $86.7 million in the case of a local husband and wife who each blamed non-Hodgkin lymphoma diagnoses on Bayer’s product.

“Last week, a federal judge in San Francisco reduced a more than $80 million verdict to $25.3 million in the case of a Northern California resident with similar allegations.”

The Journal article noted that, “Bayer said Thursday the reduced verdict is ‘a step in the right direction,’ but that the company continues to believe the verdict and damages ‘are not supported by the evidence at trial and conflict with the extensive body of reliable science and conclusions of leading health regulators.'”

Several more Roundup trials are scheduled in the coming months, including one slated to begin in August in St. Louis County, home to much of the legacy Monsanto business,” the Journal article said.

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