New Graduate: Set up my Start-up or Work for Somebody Else?

Earlier this month, Jonathan Black indicated in a column in The Financial Times that, “Students are being increasingly encouraged by universities and government to consider starting up their own business as a serious and viable career option. Incubators, accelerators and innovation centres are springing up in campuses, cities and science parks to support entrepreneurs and their start-ups.

It is not that the corporate role is safer, but for a new graduate it is probably the better option. At this stage in your career you need to build experience of how organisations work, and how complex it is to achieve change: for example to integrate new systems and processes into existing businesses.”

Mr. Black explained that, “Recent research reveals that the career path from founding a start-up to a new corporate role can be more difficult compared with moving from another corporate role. Tristan Botelho and Melody Chang, from Yale School of Management, discovered that 24 per cent of applicants with a corporate background were called for interview, compared with 14 per cent of those from a failed start-up, and just 11 per cent of those from a successful start-up.”

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