After Iowa’s ag-gag Law Ruled Unconstitutional, Animal Rights Group Advertising for an Investigator

Des Moines Register writer Donnelle Eller reported recently that, “About a week after Iowa’s ag-gag law was struck down over free speech violations, a national animal rights group is advertising for an investigator to work undercover in Iowa livestock and meat processing facilities.

“Mercy For Animals, a Los Angeles animal welfare group, is advertising online for an Iowa-based undercover investigator to work at ‘factory farms, hatcheries, livestock markets and slaughterhouses’ to catch possible animal abuse.

“The California group said it routinely advertises for undercover investigators, and didn’t target Iowa because of the federal court ruling last week.”

The Register article noted that, “Iowa leads the nation in pork and egg production. It ranks seventh for beef and 12th for milk production.”

Last week’s article stated that, “Eldon McAfee, a Des Moines attorney who often represents Iowa livestock producers, said many animal welfare groups ‘are opposed to consuming animals for food.’

“‘Their real motive is to shut down modern animal agriculture production,’ he said.”

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