Wind Developers Take Down Turbines After Losing Iowa Legal Battle

Des Moines Register writer Donnelle Eller reported last week that, “Developers who invested $11 million to install three wind turbines in eastern Iowa are tearing them down, after losing a legal battle waged by nearby residents.

“It’s only the second time nationally a judge has ordered wind turbines to be torn down and a first in Iowa.

“‘It’s great. We love it,’ said Cheyney Hershey, whose young family lives near the turbines. ‘You can’t sit outside on the deck and have a conversation without the constant thumping of the blades going round.'”

Ms. Eller indicated that, “Opponents to the 450-foot turbines believe the legal battle will empower other rural landowners and small towns to take on wind.

“Residents in Palo Alto, Black Hawk and other counties are challenging wind projects as well.”

The Register article explained that, “In 2015, the Fayette County Zoning Board provided permits that allowed the wind developers to build the turbines.

“Nearby landowners challenged the permits in district court, where a judge agreed with them, saying the permits were ‘illegal and void.'”

“Developers appealed the decision, and decided to move ahead with construction.

But the Iowa Court of Appeals this year ruled in the city and residents’ favor. And the Iowa Supreme Court declined to consider the case, forcing the developers to tear down the turbines.”

Last week’s article added, “Wind energy supporters say the order could hurt new investment, jeopardizing jobs, landowner payments and tax revenue that come with the projects.”

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