New Madrid County (Missouri) Man and Farm Indicted on Illegally Applying Dicamba on Crops

A New Madrid County man accused of using the weedkiller dicamba on his cotton and soybean crops outside of Environmental Protection Agency guidelines likely caused significant damage to neighboring crops, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Tuesday.

“Bobby David Lowrey, 51, of Parma, is also accused of providing false documentation and making false statements about his use of dicamba on Lowrey Farms when the Missouri Department of Agriculture investigated crop damage reported by several neighboring farmers in June 2016.

The federal indictment against Lowrey alleges 49 instances of misapplication of a pesticide, a false statement and three acts of obstruction of justice.”

The Post-Dispatch article noted that, “Lowrey is accused of disregarding guidelines that dicamba cannot be used in post-planting of cotton crops. He also allegedly violated the EPA’s guidelines regarding the limited application of dicamba on soybean crops. The Department of Justice reports that Lowrey’s crops, which span 6,700 acres, were genetically modified to be resistant to dicamba.

If found guilty, Lowrey faces up to 20 years in prison and a fine up to $250,000.”

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