Partnership Forms to Promote Large-Scale Organic Corn and Soybean Farms

Bloomberg writer Lydia Mulvany reported last week that, “A group representing American farmers is partnering with an agricultural adviser to help promote more large-scale organic farms that produce corn and soybeans, the largest U.S. crops.

Farmer’s Business Network, Inc., which shares best-practices and data among thousands of growers, is investing in Arlington, Nebraska-based AgriSecure, according to a statement released Wednesday. AgriSecure specializes in helping growers transition from conventional farming to organic with more profit and less risk.

“The terms of the deal aren’t being disclosed. Through the investment, FBN members will have priority access to the AgriSecure platform.”

Ms. Mulvany added that, “Bumper grain harvests have kept prices low for years, spurring increased interest in organic and other specialty production because of the hefty premiums consumers are willing to pay for such food. But it’s difficult for farmers to convert, and U.S. production lags far behind the growth in demand.

“Fields have to be free of conventional fertilizers and chemicals for three years before any crops can be certified organic, which often results in lower yields during the transition period. In addition, record-keeping requirements are onerous, and farmers basically need to overhaul their operations with new methods and equipment.”

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