gener8tor -Expanding its Programming in the Midwest

Sarah Hauer reported last week at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online that, “Not long ago, privately held companies with valuations of more than $1 billion were so rare, they took on almost mythical connotations. Hence, they became known as unicorns.

“However, in recent years, those unicorns have become more prevalent, according to CBInsights, which tracks valuations in its Global Unicorn Club.

And some of that momentum is spilling into the Midwest.”

The article noted that, “Milwaukee is home to gener8tor, a nationally ranked business accelerator that has been expanding its programming in Midwestern cities and forging partnerships with huge corporations.”

Ms. Hauer explained, “The for-profit accelerator has invested in 65 startup companies since its inception.

A high-growth company can be anywhere, despite the overwhelming attention paid to the coasts. Programs like gener8tor are trying to put Midwest companies on the map.”

The article continued with an interesting “Q and A” highlighting gener8tor and its effect.

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