Farm for Sale, But Buyer Must Use it For Sustainable Farming

Erin Grace reported this week at the Omaha World-Herald Online that, “Want to buy an Iowa farm?

“The nonprofit owner of a 53-acre Loess Hills farm for sale east of Omaha is looking for prospective buyers who would do three things: put up a reasonable financial offer; pledge to farm the land in a sustainable way; tell a great story.

“The Des Moines-based Sustainable Iowa Land Trust is holding an open house Tuesday at the property, next to 19195 Cougar Ave. in Honey Creek, Iowa. Suzan Erem, the group’s executive director, will be on hand to answer questions. She said the group plans to use a two-step process. Step One is requesting letters from potential buyers saying how they’d farm the land and listing a price they think is fair. Step Two: Land trust board members will review the proposals and invite chosen buyers to submit sealed bids.”

The article noted that, “The group will place an agricultural conservation easement on the property, requiring sustainable food production by future owners, a move that limits the pool and reduces the cost.”

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