Judge Rejects Challenge to Trump’s ‘Two-For-One’ Regulatory Rule

An update on Wednesday from DTN reported that, “A federal judge has rejected a court challenge to the executive order issued by President Donald Trump requiring agencies to cut or revise two regulations for every new regulation written. Federal District Judge Randolph Moss said the groups ‘fail to allege facts sufficient to show that the relevant agency would have issued the rule absent the Executive Order.’

“And in other cases, they don’t show that any delay from Trump order would ‘substantially increase’ the risk of harm. Public Citizen, the Natural Resources Defense Council and Communication Workers of America brought the suit. But Moss left the door open to future legal challenges. ‘This is not to say that a plaintiff—or, indeed, that the present plaintiffs—will never be able to establish standing to challenge the Executive Order,’ he wrote. ‘On the present record, however, the Court must conclude that it lacks jurisdiction.”

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