Startup Produces Personalized Nutrition Recommendations Based on DNA

Sarah Hauer reported today at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online that, “Dave Sachse admits he hasn’t been as aggressive at living a healthy life as he has with his business.

“About five years ago, when he began work on his first startup, Yappem, he gained 55 pounds in two years. Three times, he was so dehydrated he had to go to the emergency room.

“This summer, he decided to learn more about his health and nutritional needs. He spat into a vial and sent it to a local startup, GenoPalate, which works with his employer, Midwest Perks.”

The article noted that, “GenoPalate takes saliva samples from customers, analyzes the DNA and then produces personalized nutrition recommendations based on their genes and responses to a lifestyle and health questionnaire. Customers who have already had their genes profiled by 23andMe or can submit that information for GenoPalate to create a nutrition recommendation.

“GenoPalate’s DNA analysis and nutritional advice build upon the research of its CEO, Yi (Sherry) Zhang, an assistant professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin.”

The Journal Sentinel article explained that, “Zhang and GenoPalate have identified 38 genetic biomarkers to examine in the DNA analysis and 86 risk evaluations to perform. The algorithm takes into account 131 data points that include a person’s demographic characteristics, metabolic health and lifestyle. Based on those markers relating to their dietary effects, GenoPalate creates the nutrition programs it says will promote improved health.”

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