Urban-Rooftop Farming Growing in Paris

Reuters news reported yesterday that, “An urban agriculture initiative to make Paris more environmentally sustainable, mainly through farming on the capital’s rooftops, has been such a success that the mayor is unveiling a new round of projects this week.

“Rooftop farming has boomed in the past years from New York to Tokyo via London and Paris.

By 2020, the French capital will host more than 100 hectares (0.39 square mile) of rooftop gardens and planted walls, the Paris City Hall said. Of this, one third will be devoted to urban farming.”

The Reuters article added that, “The first wave of projects will lead to the cultivation on 32 sites of 425 tonnes of fruits and vegetables, 24 tonnes of mushrooms, 30,000 flowers, the production of 8,000 litres of beer and 95 kilograms of honey.

 “These include a 900 square metre rooftop farming project on top of a French Post Office building housing around 500 employees in northern Paris.”
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