Number of Organic Producers in Iowa up Approximately 30% in Past Five Years

Colin Van Westen reported last week at The Daily Reporter (Spencer, Iowa) Online that, “The number of organic producers and processors in Iowa has increased by approximately 30 percent in the past five years in Iowa.

“‘I think people in this country are finally becoming aware of how important the food we eat is. The people in Europe are kind of ahead of us and here in the United States we are finally catching up,’ organic farmer and board member of the Iowa Organic Association Paul Mugge said.

“Mugge, who certified his first field in 2000, raises corn, beans, small grains, triturate, spring oats and alfa.”

The article noted that, “Iowa ranks sixth among the 50 states in the number of organic producers and processors according to Iowa Organic Association Executive Director Kate Mendenhall. There were 717 organic producers and processors in 2012 and today the number has increased to 939 this year.

“The price for organic food varies by commodity, but it traditionally ranges two to three times higher than prices for conventionally produced products, Mendenhall said.”

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