Farm Bill Conservation Coalition Comes to a Consensus

A news release this week from the National Farmers Union stated that, “As U.S. House and Senate agriculture committee leadership readies a framework for the 2018 Farm Bill, the conservation community has come to a consensus on a fundamental set of provisions to strengthen the conservation title of the bill. National Farmers Union (NFU) joined 20 other prominent farm, food, wildlife and environmental organizations today in sending these recommendations to the agriculture committees.

“‘As we move toward reauthorization of the next farm bill, the Conservation Title programs, funding, and authorities are more critical now than ever,’ wrote the coalition. ‘The farm conservation community, representing agriculture, wildlife, sportsmen, conservation, and environmental organizations, stands united in calling for a strengthened and expanded Conservation Title in the 2018 Farm Bill.’

“The coalition called on Congress to write a farm bill that ensures farmers and ranchers can both increase the productivity and sustainability of their operations and have access to a variety of tools they can choose from to conserve, manage, and enhance shared natural resources.”

The news update added that, “NFU President Roger Johnson said he is hopeful the recommendations can provide a starting point for Congress to craft policy that provides farmers and ranchers with the tools and information they need to protect the environment. ‘Family farmers and ranchers are the original stewards of our land, and they need the flexibility and support offered in these suggestions to ensure the land, water and air is protected and productive for generations to come,’ he said.

“To view a copy of the consensus document, click here.”

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