Urban Agriculture: Being A Good Neighbor

Author, Maureen Gilmer, in a recent column posted at the Atlanta Journal-Constition Online, provided five tips for “urban agriculture aficionados who are bringing chickens and other livestock into the city.

Ms. Glimer noted that, “Problems arise when neighbors have different feelings about the subject. Other conflicts are driven by novices who inadvertently create big problems next door, unknown to the animal owner. Be responsible and aware of others on all sides of your home or lot. Practice these rules of urban agriculture to help the entire community get along.”

Her five tips included:

“- Use Fly Control-Your chicken coop can introduce fly populations to your neighbor’s yard as well as your own.”

“- Clean All Manure– Prompt removal of all manure each day and efforts to keep pens dry with sand or disposable absorbent bedding can significantly reduce both odor and flies.”

“- Give Away Roosters– Roosters crow day and night.”

“- Control Rodents– Where there are animal feeds, there are rodents.”

-” Beware Runoff– Whether it’s a hard rain or you’re washing out your animal enclosures, all the residues of animal life will become part of this runoff solution.”

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