Ranchers Sue USDA, Seek Return of Country-of-Origin Labeling

Associated Press writer Nicholas K. Geranios reported yesterday that, “Ranchers on Monday sued the U.S. Department of Agriculture, seeking to force meat to again be labeled if it’s produced in other countries and imported to the United States.

“The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Spokane, seeks to overturn a March 2016 decision by the Department of Agriculture to revoke regulations requiring imported meat products to be labeled with their country of origin. That change allowed imported meat to be sold as U.S. products, the lawsuit said.”

The AP article indicated that, “Between 2009 and 2016, the USDA required country-of-origin labeling on meat.

The lawsuit said the change violated the nation’s Meat Inspection Act, which required that slaughtered meat from other countries be clearly marked.

“The Department of Agriculture on Monday declined to comment on a matter that is in litigation.”

Mr. Geranios added that, “The lawsuit asks the court to vacate USDA’s current regulations, which allow corporations that import beef and pork and other products into the United States to label that meat ‘Product of USA.'”

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