Kickstarter for Cows: “Crowd Cow” Startup Expands its Reach

Rachel Nania reported yesterday at WTOP Radio Online (Washington, D.C.) that, “Last week, the Seattle-based startup Crowd Cow expanded its reach to the D.C. area.

The company sells cuts of sustainable meat from small farms across the U.S., one cow at a time, using a crowdfunding model. In fact, co-founder Joe Heitzeberg likens the business to ‘Kickstarter for cows.'”

The article explained that, “Here’s how it works: Consumers log on to the Crowd Cow website and find a featured cow. One day it may be a rare breed of grass-fed, grass-finished cattle from family farmers in upstate New York; the next it could be American-raised wagyu beef from a small farm in Washington.

Interested parties select their desired cuts — everything from hanger steaks, to shanks, to round roasts and even soup bones are available for sale — and once most of the cow is claimed, the credit cards are charged and the meat ships.

“Then, a new cow gets featured, and a new selection of cuts are made available for sale.”

Ms. Nania indicated that, “The cost of the meat on Crowd Cow is similar to what one might expect to pay in a specialty foods store or butcher shop. Recent sales for premium ground beef from a grass-fed, grass-finished Murray Grey cow, for example, rang in around $16 for 2 pounds; a 6.5-pound share of brisket sold for $65.

“Heitzeberg says the Crowd Cow model not only helps the conscious consumer, but it also benefits small, sustainable farmers.”

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