Iowa’s Craft Liquor Distilleries Prepare for Wave of New Business

Brianne Pfannenstiel reported in today’s Des Moines Register that, “Iowa’s craft liquor distilleries are preparing for a wave of new business now that Gov. Terry Branstad has signed a law allowing them to pour cocktails and other drinks by the glass.

“‘It’s such a customer expectation,’ said Garrett Burchett, co-owner of Mississippi River Distilling Company in Le Claire. ‘When you go into a brewery, when you go into a winery, you expect that you can have a glass. And in a distillery, you couldn’t.'”

From today’s Des Moines Register.

The Register article indicated that, “Branstad signed House File 607 authorizing the changes Tuesday afternoon surrounded by a group of supporters at Iowa Distilling Company in Cumming.

“He said the state’s alcohol laws, many of which date back to the Prohibition era, needed to be adjusted to create more parity among manufacturers. Breweries and wineries have been able to pour their product by the glass for paying customers for years. But concerns lingered around liquor manufacturers, even as distillers like Burchett pushed for change.”

Today’s article added that, “Branstad said the new law not only will create a more even playing field, but it will help drive economic development across the state.”

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