Start-Up Technology Hubs: Wisconsin–Midwest Gain Recognition

Rebecca Carballo reported on Saturday at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online that, “Wisconsin is gaining some national media recognition in its quest to build a reputation as a hub for start-up technology companies.

“The most recent splash of publicity came when a national report by TechNet and the Progressive Policy Institute announced its list of 25 cities poised to add 1 million tech jobs in the next five years.”

Graph from The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The article noted that, “Madison ranks 16th in the report, which is titled, “The Top 25 ‘Next in Tech’ Cities Fostering Startup Growth.’

According to the report, start-ups are heading to the Midwest heartland and the South.”

Ms. Carballo added that, “Emerging tech hubs — the so-called ‘Next in Tech’ cities — are setting up shop in cities such as Madison; Provo, Utah; Nashville, Tenn.; New Orleans; Cleveland; Denver; and Charleston, S.C. The lures of a lower-cost of living and talent pools fed by nearby colleges help. But in the case of several cities, such as Detroit (internet of things, connected cars) and Nashville (health care), local industries and existing infrastructure are the real carrots.

“‘I was surprised by cities in the Midwest that made the list,’ says Michael Mandel of PPI, who conducted the study. E-commerce contributed to job creation in Ohio, Tennessee and Kentucky among companies large and small, he said.

“‘Start-up culture began in the garages of Silicon Valley, but has spread nationally,’ says Linda Moore, CEO of TechNet, a bipartisan network of tech executives. ‘The best, most productive way to create jobs is to foster start-ups in those regions.'”

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