Danone, WhiteWave Antitrust Yogurt Issue

Rick Barrett reported in today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that, “A Wisconsin-based group that represents organic farmers says it’s won a U.S. Department of Justice victory against Danone, the France-based maker of Dannon yogurt, regarding competition in the American yogurt market.

“The Cornucopia Institute says it argued that Danone should liquidate its holdings in the Stonyfield Farms organic yogurt brand as a condition of Danone’s proposed $12.5 billion acquisition of WhiteWave Foods.

“The Justice Department agreed and said it would approve the WhiteWave deal if Stonyfield were sold to an independent buyer.”

Mr. Barrett noted that, “The sale will help ensure competitive marketplaces for farmers that sell organic milk and consumers who purchase it nationwide, the Justice Department said in a statement.”

The Journal Sentinel article added that, “Danone is a global food company that had $24.3 billion in sales in fiscal 2015. Stonyfield Farms, a Danone subsidiary, is one of the nation’s largest organic yogurt makers.”

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