California Moving to Put Cancer Warning on Roundup Label

Associated Press writer Scott Smith reported last week that, “California can require Monsanto to label its popular weed-killer Roundup as a possible cancer threat despite an insistence from the chemical giant that it poses no risk to people, a judge tentatively ruled Friday.

“California would be the first state to order such labeling if it carries out the proposal.

“Monsanto had sued the nation’s leading agricultural state, saying California officials illegally based their decision for carrying the warnings on an international health organization based in France.”

The AP article noted that, “Monsanto attorney Trenton Norris argued in court Friday that the labels would have immediate financial consequences for the company. He said many consumers would see the labels and stop buying Roundup.

“‘It will absolutely be used in ways that will harm Monsanto,’ he said.

“After the hearing, the firm said in a statement that it will challenge the tentative ruling.”

Mr. Smith pointed out that, “Fresno County Superior Court Judge Kristi Kapetan still must issue a formal decision, which she said would come soon.

“California regulators are waiting for the formal ruling before moving forward with the warnings, said Sam Delson, a spokesman for the state Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment.

“Once a chemical is added to a list of probable carcinogens, the manufacturer has a year before it must attach the label, he said.”

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