House Ag Committee Chairman Remarks on Timeliness of 2018 Farm Bill

Meghan Grebner reported yesterday at Brownfield Online that, “The Chairman of the House Agriculture committee says he is confident that the House and Senate Ag Committees will be able to get a Farm Bill passed before the current bill expires.”

Rep. Mike Conaway (R, Tex.) was quoted in the Brownfield update as saying, “Certainly no – no need for the normal drama that you have of extensions and expirations and all the things you go with that. There’s no reason to do that. So, I’m hopeful that (Senate Ag Chairman) Pat Roberts and I can get this on President Trump’s desk in time – you know, before the current (farm) bill expires.”

Yesterday’s update added that, “The debate on the 2018 Farm Bill is likely to take a different tone from the 2014 Farm Bill since this Farm Bill will be written in a down farm economy.”

A “down” farm economy makes a timely conclusion to the 2018 Farm Bill all the more important for Illinois farmers.

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