EPA Sets RFS For Corn Ethanol at 15 Billion Gallons

Donnelle Eller reported on the front page of yesterday’s Des Moines Register that, “Renewable fuel advocates applauded the federal government’s decision Wednesday to boost the amount of ethanol that must be blended into the nation’s fuel supply next year.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency set the Renewable Fuel Standard for corn ethanol next year at 15 billion gallons, meeting the target set by Congress.

“The agency had proposed requiring 14.8 billion gallons of ethanol earlier this year.”

Ms. Eller noted that, “EPA stuck to its proposed requirements for biodiesel, boosting the required level to 2.1 billion gallons in 2018, inching 100 million gallons higher than the levels required in 2017.”

The Register article added that, “EPA also boosted levels for cellulosic ethanol, made from grasses, wood chips and corn stalks, to 311 million gallons, an increase of 81 million gallons over this year’s target.”

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