Farmers Oppose EPA Draft Recommendation on Atrazine

Rick Barrett reported on Monday at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online that, “Some of Wisconsin’s largest farm groups are worried that federal regulators will increase restrictions on atrazine, a weed killer sprayed on corn fields and other crops.

“This summer, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued a draft ecological risk assessment of atrazine and recommended reducing the allowable levels.

“Farm groups, including the Wisconsin Corn Growers Association, the Cooperative Network, Wisconsin Pork Association, Midwest Food Processors, the Dairy Business Association, Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation and the Wisconsin Soybean Association, have asked farmers to contact the EPA and urge the agency to reconsider its position.”

Mr. Barrett indicated that, “The farm groups say the plan represents a ‘terrible precedent‘ and could harm the environment.

“‘Atrazine plays an important role in conservation tillage, a farming practice that reduces soil erosion and runoff. An atrazine ban would require more soil tillage to control profit-robbing weeds and will be a net-negative for the environment,’ said Tom Liebe, president and CEO of Cooperative Network.”

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