Clinton’s Tech Policy Initiative- Links Startups with the Student Loan Crisis

Steve Lohr reported in Monday’s New York Times that, “Hillary Clinton’s technology policy initiative, released on Tuesday, is a list maker’s dream, a parade of specific proposals covering a spectrum of issues. But its overriding theme is that technology should be an engine of equality rather than elitism.

The goal, the summary document declares, is ‘to create the jobs of the future on Main Street.’

Mrs. Clinton’s agenda includes having the federal government step in to help fill a finance gap, as banks have cut their loans to small businesses and venture capital funding is concentrated in a few regions, led by Silicon Valley.”

The Times article noted that, “Her plan calls for ‘supporting incubators, accelerators, mentoring and training for 50,000 entrepreneurs in underserved areas,’ and increasing funding for several existing programs that offer tax credits and financing for community development and small businesses;” and added that, “The Clinton program also links start-ups with the student loan crisis. Under her plan, young entrepreneurs could defer payments on their federal student loans for up to three years. The relief might also apply to the early employees of start-ups, like the first 10 or 20 workers, according to the plan.”

Mr. Lohr also indicated that, “The Clinton program also would dedicate additional funding and resources to Obama administration policies in areas like building broadband networks in rural areas…”

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