The Senate on GMO Labeling- Finding the Right Balance has been very Difficult

Nicole Heslip reported late last week at Brownfield that, “Senate Agriculture Committee leaders say they are working toward a compromise on GMO labeling. But committee ranking member Debbie Stabenow admits it’s one of the toughest issues she’s had to deal with.

“‘This is tough. We’re working continually on this, trying to thread the needle, and I’m hopeful we can do that,’ says Stabenow. ‘I think we’re going to have to, because it is not sustainable to have 50 different states and 50 different rules.’

Stabenow says finding the right balance has been very difficult.”

The Brownfield article pointed out that, “Ag Committee chair Pat Roberts says he’s waiting to see what Stabenow brings forward as a compromise. Roberts calls GMO labeling ‘a giant wrecking ball coming through the food industry.'”

Meanwhile, Politico’s Morning Agriculture reported today that, “Congress will be in session for only about 35 of the 60 days remaining before Vermont’s GMO-labeling law takes effect…”

Recall also that last week DTN Ag Policy Editor Chris Clayton quoted Rep. Collin Peterson, D-Minn., the ranking member of the House Agriculture Committee, as saying:  “I think the biggest problem we have in agriculture is all of this labeling.”

And Ken Anderson reported today at Brownfield that, “Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says the odds are ‘zero’ that a GMO labeling bill will make it through Congress before Vermont’s labeling law goes into effect July 1st. But Grassley, a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, says the situation could change if other states start passing their own GMO labeling laws.”

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