Report– “Running a Food Hub: Assessing Financial Viability”

A recent news release from Rep. Sanford D. Bishop (D., Ga.) indicated that, “Rural Business-Cooperative Service Administrator Sam Rikkers today announced a new resource to help food hubs improve their financial performance. A food hub is a business or organization that manages the aggregation, distribution, and marketing of locally-produced food which to satisfy growing demand for local products.

“The new resource is a report, Running a Food Hub: Assessing Financial Viability, that includes information on how food hubs can maximize profits and control costs. It is part of a multi-volume series published by USDA Rural Development. The report gives technical assistance for food hubs at different stages of development. For example, it provides beginning food hubs with expertise on writing sound business plans. The report includes guidance on how established food hubs can expand into financially viable long-term businesses.”

The release added that, “Rural Development’s efforts to support food hubs and other regional food enterprises are part of USDA’s Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Initiative (KYF). The initiative breaks down barriers that prevent rural ag producers from connecting with communities and consumers, including those in urban and metro areas. In addition to providing more market opportunities for rural ag producers, it provides rural businesses with assistance in areas such as processing, aggregating and distribution that help bring their products to market.”

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