U.S. Supreme Court Vacancy- Stalemate Continues

Recall that the current vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court is having an impact on both a variety of business interests and agricultural issues (click here and here for more detail).

With respect to recent political developments on the vacancy, USA Today writer Gregory Korte reported yesterday that, “President Obama met with top Senate leaders Tuesday at the White House to discuss Obama’s nomination to fill a Supreme Court vacancy this year, and Senate Republicans said nothing has changed their determination not to give the nominee a hearing.

“‘This vacancy will not be filled this year,’ Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said on Capitol Hill after the meeting. ‘We don’t intend to take up a nominee or to have a hearing.’

“McConnell said the hour-long meeting — about half of which was spent on the Supreme Court — ‘was a good opportunity to reiterate our view that this appointment should be made by the next president.'”

The article added that, “But White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Obama is moving forward with the process of vetting and nominating a Supreme Court justice.”

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