Report: Tech Firms Lag in Advancing Women

Wall Street Journal writers Lindsay Gellman and Georgia Wells reported this week that, “Technology companies have disrupted other industries with apps that dispatch cars, housekeepers or pizzas in a matter of minutes. But tech firms lag behind those old-line businesses when it comes to advancing women.

“That is the main finding of a McKinsey & Co. and LeanIn.Org report on the status of women in tech. Not only are women underrepresented at all levels of technology firms, particularly in key engineering, product and finance roles, researchers found, but plenty of those women also believe that their gender is holding them back at work.”

The article explained that, “Some 29.9% of female tech employees polled said they felt gender played a role in their missing a promotion or raise, and 37.1% of female tech employees said they felt their gender would disadvantage them in the future. In nontech fields, a smaller share of women—21.6% and 22.8% respectively—felt that way.”

The Journal writers added that, “At a Wall Street Journal event in San Francisco Monday, several prominent tech executives said the most effective way to create a more diverse workforce is for the heads of technology firms to lead by example.”

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