Minnesota Farmland Values Soften

Tom Meersman reported yesterday at the Minneapolis Star Tribune Online that, “Farmland prices in Minnesota continue to soften as prices for corn and soybeans remain relatively low and the outlook for 2016 appears to offer marginal profits for many crop growers.

“The changes are part of a pattern of falling values for farmland in much of the central U.S., according to several reports published within the past week.

“An analysis by the University of Minnesota Department of Applied Economics found that the average median price of farm real estate in Minnesota dropped 5.5 percent during the first nine months of 2015, from $4,878 to $4,611 per acre. The median is the price at which half of the transactions are higher and half are lower, and is considered a good measure to gauge price trends at the state or regional level.”

Mr. Meersman explained that, “Cash payments for Minnesota corn generally have stuck between $3.25 and $3.60 per bushel in recent months, below the cost of production for many farmers.”

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