“VegU-cation” Can Grow Farmers Markets

An update posted this week at the USDA Blog indicated that, “Everyday USDA works to develop tools for farmers and ranchers that support their financial success. The USDA Farmers Market on the National Mall is a ‘living laboratory’ for farmers market operations across the country. During our 2017 market season, we tested ‘VegU-cation’ and found that this fruit and vegetable education program was popular with our visitors and increased sales for our farmers. Visitors to our market attended a 10-minute demonstration class in the VegU tent, on how to grow, pick, and prepare that week’s featured fruit or vegetable.

Here are five tips to help you bring ‘VegU-cation‘ to your market:

1. Use Simple and Creative Recipes

2. Showcase Variety to Create Interest

3. Provide Free Samples

4. Share How Things Grow

5. Don’t Be Afraid of Challenges”

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