New York Gov. Vetoes Bill Creating a Tax Break for State Farmers who Donate Food

Recall that earlier this week, the Associated Press reported that, “A bill creating a tax break for New York state farmers who donate food to food banks is awaiting action by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.”

The article noted that, “The Hunger Action Network of New York State has made the bill a priority, saying it will address a growing hunger problem around the state.”

However, an Associated Press article from Wednesday indicated that, “Anti-hunger advocates and agriculture groups are criticizing Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s opposition to legislation that would give farmers a tax break for donating surplus fruits, vegetables and other locally grown products to food banks to address New York state’s growing hunger problem.

“The Democratic governor vetoed the bill this week. It’s the second year the bill has passed the Legislature only to be blocked by Cuomo. He says that while he supports the idea, the measure would reduce state revenue and should be handled in the state budget process.”

Wednesday’s article added that, “Several states including California and Colorado already offer similar tax incentives to farmers.”

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